Disney Cast Member Stitch Holiday Key was given out as a reward to Disney Store Cast Members in the holidays of 2019.  The Cast Member Stitch Holiday Imagination Key was not sold to the public and only these lucky cast members were able to obtain this special imagination key.

The Cast Member Stitch Holiday Imagination Key is covered in a Cyan color with deep purple accents.
The handle of the key has tiny little purple paw prints as it Stitch walked across the key.

The base of the key is surrounded with purple bands and there is an image of Stitch's face with his sharp teeth ready for destruction of anything that he sees.

The tip of the key continues with purple Stitch's paw prints that lead to the finishing touch of the Disney Castle. 
This is by far one of our favorite Disney Imagination Keys.  Everything from Stitch's face to his tiny little paw prints and the Cyan blue to purple colors brings the overall theme of this Imagination Key alive.

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