If you are lucky enough to work for Walt Disney, you can get your hands on a limited edition Cast Member exclusive Holiday Key.  The CM Holiday Imagination Key will not be sold to the general public and is highly desired by collectors.  The Mickey and Minnie theme is painted throughout the key and the theme runs into the box.  

The handle of the Disney Cast Member Holiday Imagination Key is bright Christmas red like the leaves on a Poinsettia plant.  

As the base continues with the holiday colors there are two green bands and an adorable Mickey and Minnie dressed in their holiday scarfs surrounded by two silver snowflakes. 

The tip of the Cast Member Imagination Holiday Key has a red shaft with tiny little white snowballs that lead to a green Disney Castle tip.
The Cast Member Holiday Key is one of the most festive Imagination Keys ever released. This season beauty is highly desired by all Imagination Key collectors.

Disney Cast Member Holiday - Vlog