Duke Caboom is a 1970’s toy based on Canada’s greatest stuntman.  He debuted in Toy Story 4 and is perfect icon for the Disney Canada Day Duke Caboom Imagination Key that was released on 8/28/2020. 


The Duke Caboom Imagination Key starts off with the classic D handle that is painted in solid red identical to the color of Canada's National Flag.


The base of the Disney Duke Caboom Imagination Key is red and white and just like the National Flag of Canada it has a red maple leaf as the centerpiece, which is surrounded by white bands.

The tip of Disney’s Duke Caboom Imagination Key is red with a Luxo Ball and upside-down lamp.  It is then finished off with white Caboom letters.


The Disney Duke Caboom Imagination Key was an exclusive key released in Canada.  It was not sold in other regions which increases the rarity of this Imagination Key.  The bright red and white colors make this Imagination Key standout and makes it one of our favorites.

Disney Duke Caboom Key - Vlog