Disney kicked off the new year with a Special Edition Mickey and Minnie Mouse 2021 Imagination Key being released on December 31st, 2020.

The Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse 2021 Imagination Key is one of the most vibrant and colorful Imagination Key we have seen to date.

The handle starts off with a colorful yellow and is stamped with tiny Mickey Mouse symbols throughout the D.   


As you extend into the base of the key you are met with blue stems with yellow bands.  The Imagination Key base turns red and has Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebrating the New Year with confetti as the year 2021 takes the centerpiece of the Imagination Key.

The tip of the Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse 2021 Imagination Key turns blue and is then finished off with a red Fantasyland Castle.


The US version of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse 2021 Key came packaged in a two-tone blue box with images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the year 2021 is in large bold numbers  

Many Imagination Key collectors were taken by surprised as Disney announced the Mickey and Minnie 2021 Imagination Key.  We thought there will be no more key for the 2020 year and Disney sneaked this vibrant Imagination Key to start off the new year.  The Imagination Key is very playful and has all of the classic colors you can expect from Disney.  The release of the key was overshadowed by the North America Exclusive Soul Key, which was also released on the very same day.   

Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse 2021 - Release Announcement