As part of Disney’s festive retail campaign, ‘From Our Family To Yours’, marks the 40-year partnership with children’s charity, Make-A-Wish. Apart of the campaign Disney released a festive Imagination Key on December 12, 2020 in which many collectors are calling it the "2020 Christmas Key."

The From Our Family To Yours Imagination Key is a very well designed Imagination Key and from tip-to-tip it is full of magic and excitement. 

The D handle on the From Our Family To Yours Imagination Key is a transparent aqua color.  It features colorful paper star decorations similar to the ad campaign.  There is a hint layer of silver glitter with tiny white snowballs finishing off the handle design.   


The base is bright white and is surrounded in gold glitter.  Mickey Mouse is the center piece and he has a red band stitched around his left ear.  Mickey is then surrounded by more paper star decorations with the centers filled with snowflakes. 

The tip of the From Our Family To Yours Imagination key continues with the transparent aqua color, paper star decorations, snowflakes and glitter!  The Fantasyland Castle is covered in white and glitter to make it look like snow is falling.

The Disney From Our Family To Yours is truly a special Imagination Key.  The Imagination Key in my opinion is one of the best designed and brings in several design elements to truly make this Imagination Key an instant classic.  Beyond the design aspect, the From Our Family To Your campaign honors the partnership Disney has with Make-A-Wish.  Make-A-Wish has been the leader in granting wishes for extremely ill children with life threating illnesses.  Make-A-Wish his home where they have granted a wish for our very own Anthony who is the driving force behind this very own website.

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Disney From Our Family To Yours - Release Announcement 

Below is the heartwarming From Our Family To Yours Disney's ad campaign short video.