The Toy Story 4 Imagination Key was released Saturday July 13th, 2019 for "Collector's Day".  The first 100 Guests to make a purchase of $10 or more at your local Disney Store upon store opening AND the first 2,000 Guests to make an online purchase of $10 or more receive this Imagination Key for FREE with the Promo Code: TOYSTORY


The handle of the Toy Story 4 Imagination Key starts with a multi blue spiral design that covers the entire D shaped handle.  


As the Imagination Key extends towards the base the key resembles Woody's yellow and red western shirt.  The base of the Imagination Key is surrounded with brown bands similar to Woody's wild west boots and cowboy hat.

The tip of the Toy Story 4 Imagination Key continues with the dark blue and ends with a light blue, yellow and red Pixar Ball and Lamp.

For collectors the Toy Story 4 Imagination Key brought excitment because the Imagination Key was earned by standing in line early before the Disney Store opened and you walked out the Disney Store feeling lucky. The Toy Story 3 Imagination Key is still a favor by many collectors.

Disney Toy Story 4 Key - Release Info.