Thanks to a play on the phrase “May The Force Be With You,” May the 4th has become known as Star Wars Day.  For Star Wars Day, Disney is released a special Imagination key called May the "Fourth" Be With You and it is modeled after a lightsaber.


The handle of the May the Fourth Be With You Key looks like the base of a lightsaber.  It is covered in flat black and has silver lines to resemble a mechanical look.

The base of the Imagination Key continues the look of the lightsaber handle where you will find the mechanics of the lightsaber. It is black with silver and has buttons and other details in which you use to control the lightsaber.

As the Imagination Key extends to the tip you will find a blue glowing blade and at the very end of the key the words of Star Wars written on it.

The Star Wars Day key was available on May 4th, 2020. This awesome Jedi key was only $12.99 and you had to use the Promo Code "FORCE" at checkout.

For collectors the May The Fourth Be With You Imagination Key was the start of Disney mass producing keys. Product was limited online, however for many months afterwards you were able to locate this special Imagination Key in Disney Stores. What I really liked about this Imagination Key is the overall design. The key itself really did have all of the features of a lightsaber. The Imagination Key was a very taught out design and it's looks are very appealing.

Both the US and UK/Europe versions had a tag on them. However, the tags were slightly different looking.

I absolutely love this Imagination Key in our collection and is a great way of unlocking your imagination to be apart of a Jedi.

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