US - Release: 10/27/2020


Disney Black Widow Key


A heroic new key is coming soon for Disney key collectors! A new Black Widow Disney Key will be swooping into shopDisney! You can grab this heroic new key at shopDisney.com on October 27, at 7:00 AM PT. This is the first time we have also seen a key for a specific Marvel film too!


Disney Black Widow Key


The new key celebrates the highly anticipated release of the Black Widow film! It is red, black, and gold just like Black Widow’s iconic costume! Webbing spreads across the “D” of the key, and comic panel silhouettes adorn the center of the key. The teeth of the key have been changed up with a Marvel-style, instead of the castle! The Marvel key teeth showcase the Marvel logo, with a City silhouette rising above it.

At this moment we do not know how the release of this key will be, or if it will be at stores. It could be a gift with purchase or a regular flat purchase. We also do not know if the new MerchPass system will be utilized.

Personally, I am very excited to add a Marvel key to my collection! Black Widow has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters, even though I’m terribly afraid of spiders!