US - Release: 8/18/2020

Disney Ink and Paint collectable Imagination key


Inspired by the unique artistry of Disney Animation, this collection celebrates the magic of our beloved characters and timeless films. Combining the rough sketch line and a splash of full color, each character is brought to life through the lens of an animator.



Fans of the Disney Ink & Paint collection and Disney Store key collectors alike will be thrilled to see this new key coming soon to shopDisney.



The all-white key is printed with sketched outlines of classic animated characters like Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad, Jiminy Cricket, and more. The key receives a few splashes of color in basic red, yellow, blue, and green tones, plus dark blue accents on the key stem and castle.

There will also be a total number of keys available online that will now be a minimum of 22,000. The keys will be available for 24 hours, or until they sell out. Let’s be honest we know these are going to sell out in a flash!

Rumor has it in the key groups we might see this key stateside, so fingers crossed!