- US Release: December 2020

Disney Cast Member Disney Strong Key

Disney Store Strong Exclusive Cast Member Imagination Key was a project created by Disney’s VP Direct-to-Consumer Johnathan. The inspiration and artwork was from the early days of him with Disney Stores.  Every aspect of the design is from a piece of the Disney Stores.

As a reward to Disney Cast Members for all of the hard work and dedication Disney rewarded a special imagination key just for them.

The letter included with the key said the words below....

Disney Store Strong Imagination Key


 Dear Disney Store Cast Member - 

In the 34-year history of Disney stores, we have never experienced a year quite like 2020.  This year, more than ever, you have demonstrated that we can achieve anything, no matter the depth of adversity or hardship, if we work together.
As a token of appreciation, I am proud to present to you with this exclusive  #DisneyStoreStrong Imagination Key.  Your resilience and resolve during this past year inspired me to design this key, which includes many references to the early days of Disney Stores.  Those with a keen eye will spot elements of the original “Mickey” bag, the “pixie dust” carpet and the black-and-white flooring that would welcome you at the store’s entrance.
This simple “thank you” hardly seems enough, given all that we have endured this year.  Know that it was given with the deepest gratitude and appreciation.
While we aren’t out of the woods yet, there is a light shining out in the horizon.  It is with that hope in mind that I wish you and your loved ones a new year filled with promise and joy.
 Disney Store Strong Imagination Key