Duke Caboom is a 1970’s toy based on Canada’s greatest stuntman.  He debuted in Toy Story 4 and is perfect icon for the Disney Canada Day Duke Caboom Imagination Key that was released on 8/28/2020. 

Thanks to a play on the phrase “May The Force Be With You,” May the 4th has become known as Star Wars Day.  For Star Wars Day, Disney is released a special Imagination key called May the "Fourth" Be With You and it is modeled after a lightsaber.

On Saturday March 14, 2020 Disney released the Frozen 2 Olaf collectable Imagination Key and it is one of the coolest looking Imagination Keys Disney has released.  The Disney collectable key features a transparent look and is covered from end-to-end with design elements.

The Positively Minnie Mouse key is positively adorable. This key holds the classic look of Minnie Mouse herself with a touch of Disney magic.

Disney Cast Member Stitch Holiday Key was given out as a reward to Disney Store Cast Members in the holidays of 2019.  The Cast Member Stitch Holiday Imagination Key was not sold to the public and only these lucky cast members were able to obtain this special imagination key.

If you are lucky enough to work for Walt Disney, you can get your hands on a limited edition Cast Member exclusive Holiday Key.  The CM Holiday Imagination Key will not be sold to the general public and is highly desired by collectors.  The Mickey and Minnie theme is painted throughout the key and the theme runs into the box.  

Disney Holiday Key commemorates the magic of the seasons. On November 17th, 2019 the first 150 guest to make a purchase of $10 or more will get this very special Holiday Imagination Key.

The Toy Story 4 Imagination Key was released Saturday July 13th, 2019 for "Collector's Day".  The first 100 Guests to make a purchase of $10 or more at your local Disney Store upon store opening AND the first 2,000 Guests to make an online purchase of $10 or more receive this Imagination Key for FREE with the Promo Code: TOYSTORY