- Japan Release: 1/7/2021
- UK Release: 3/8/2021
- US Release: 3/12/2021

Disney Toy Story 4 Collectable Key SetDisney Toy Story Collectable Imagination Key Set

A collectable key with a folky motif, a character that appeared in "Toy Story 4" as a new character.

There are two key objects in the package. The toy folky made by the girl Bonnie with a spork and the toy character made with the knife that appears in the last of the work are designed respectively! The part to be inserted into the keyhole is the shape of Luxo Jr. that illuminates the Pixar ball.

The finely decorated keys that tickle the fans' hearts are full of special feeling. Come to your collection!

Disney Toy Story 4 Collectable Key Set


  • Size: Length about 12.5 x Width 17 x Thickness 2 (cm)
  • Body (each): Length about 4.8 x Width 15 x Thickness 0.6 (cm)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: Overall: Approximately 65 (g)

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