US - Release: 3/7/2020

Disney Cinderella 70th Anniversary Key


Available beginning March 7th, celebrate the 70th anniversary of Cinderella with the collectible key of your dreams for $12.99.

Disney Cinderella 70th Anniversary Key

Disney Cinderella Key 70th Anniversary

Oh my, isn’t this a beauty! This is the Disney Cinderella Key collectible, a Disney Store special edition item for the 70th anniversary celebration.

This one-of-a-king collectible is one to check out for sure. It’s the Special Edition Cinderella Key, inspired by the beautiful Disney animation movie from 1950. This means Disney is celebrating a 70 year anniversary and they do it in style by releasing some exclusive merchandise items, including this item.

The Disney Cinderella Key holds all the magic as we know it from the movie: it has the silvery castle, the pumpkin carriage, the Disney ‘D’ covered in stardust.

This is an exclusive Disney Store and ShopDisney.com item. Also, it’s a Special Edition. Because of the popularity of this product, we recommend you not to wait too long if you wish to purchase it.

The very special Key is an amazing collectible and precious gift. Imagine giving this beautiful display box with the key in it to anyone who holds special memories towards Cinderella and/or Disney.

Let this Disney Cinderella Key unlock your magic dreams!

Price: USD $12.99