Disney store's Opening Ceremony Keys first captured our hearts in 2010, and guests have been unlocking their imagination ever since. In celebration of the 10th Anniversary, we have created this replica collectible. The sculpted metal design features a custom stem and the Disney ''D'' icon like the original key. With this special edition item, the magic is in your hands.

For the 10-Year Anniversary of the Disney Store Opening Ceremony Key, you can tell Disney wanted the make the customer experience from start-to-end.  The customer experience starts with the packaging.  The outer box is gorgeous in detail and has all of the classic elements of the imagination key. The iconic key lock is the Disney Story Opening Ceremony lock in which you will find at Disney Imagination Stores.  The green box is covered in the vine leaf design and has the pixie dust sparkles.  
To continue with the unboxing experience Disney designed the box to open from the middle and you will find a stunning metal imagination key surrounded by light white silver cloth suited for royalty. 

The side-side-by comparison between the original Disney Store Opening Ceremony Key which is plastic, and the 10-Year Anniversary Store Opening Ceremony Key which is Metal.  Both Imagination Keys are similar in size, but you can see greater detail in the new metal imagination key.  The 10-Year Anniversary Store Opening Ceremony Key has a much vibrant color green and the vines are much crisper and sharper looking.

When you zoom in you can see the amazing detail Disney incorporated into the key. You can also see the different layers of vines from the base of the key.  The writing is also much cleaner and sharper looking. 

The separators are now a shiny silver color where in the original Store Opening Ceremony Key it was bright white.  The color green of the 10-Year Anniversary Store Opening Ceremony Key is similar in color but has a much higher quality look.  The edges of the keys are more sharper and you can clearly see the higher quality the imagination key is.

What was very surprising was the greater detail in the tip of the original Store Opening Ceremony Key has over the new 10-year anniversary imagination key. As you can see the castle cutout is very distinct and has much more detail.  The new 10-year Anniversary Imagination key has the cutout however the detail is not sharp and Disney could improve on this area.
Overall, the 10-Year Anniversary Store Opening Ceremony Imagination Key is a great addition for collectors.  The packaging, quality, and detail of the key is top-notch.  And because it is a North America exclusive to Disney Cardholders it brings up the rarity of the key.  If you are a collector and are able to get your hands on this imagination key you can expect it to be one of the main showpieces in your collection.