The Disney Aladdin Make-A-Wish Imagination Key is beyond magical. Not only did this key help raise money for the Make-A-Wish program, but it is only attainable to a limited amount of people. The first 100 guests to purchase at a Disney Store on May 19th, 2019, was able to collect this magical Imagination key.


The handle is painted in gold to illuminate the extravagance of the Agrabah culture.


The Disney Aladdin Imagination Key is perfect for unlocking the sorcery of the palace with a base highlighting the most magical lamp. The Aladdin Imagination Key is a beautiful moonlight blue withholding wishes for a magic carpet ride.

 The tip of the Disney Aladdin Make-A-Wish Key being the castle dipped in gold, it is ready to unlock luxurious desires.

Disney cut no corners and designed the tag to be as magical as the Imagination Key.  Gold accents cover the royal blue tag as the finishing touch to this treasure.

Disney's Aladdin Make-A-Wish Imagination Key is highly sought out to collectors. This Aladdin Imagination Key is the 2nd Imagination Key ever released that was not a store opening ceremony key.  This makes the Aladdin Make-A-Wish Imagination Key one of the oldest limited keys ever released. To add to the rarity of the Imagination Key, purchases went to help children with life threating illnesses.  

The Aladdin Imagination Key will always be a favorite to collectors and every year it is becoming more difficult to find.
Disney Aladdin Make-A-Wish Key - Release