Disney celebrates the coming of the Child with this collectible “The Child” aka Baby Yoda Imagination Key inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian.


The handle of the Disney The Child Key is painted in a soft pastel green similar to the skin tone of Baby Yoda.


The base is surrounded with two metallic silver bands and in between is filled with a simi-translucent color that has the most adorable Baby Yoda in the center of it.

The tip of the imagination key is then finished off with the same soft pastel green and a flag design that says, “ Mandalorian Star Wars”.


The Child Imagination Key was released on 12/7/2020 and has won the hearts of my many collectors because of its design.  

This imagination key had a very high production run making it very common and easy to get. Because of this it may not increase in value as some of the earlier released Imagination Keys. 

However, this Disney Child Key is one of our favorite Imagination Keys.  The unique soft colors mixed with the transparent base makes the Baby Yoda standout as a true center piece.  We absolutely love this imagination Key and any collector will be able to admire the true beauty of this Imagination key.

Disney The Child - Vlog

Disney The Child Key - Release