Donald’s Duck 85th Anniversary Key was released on 6/9/2019 to celebrate Donald’s Duck 85th Anniversary.  The Donald Duck Imagination Key has the classic look of Donald Duck, which makes this Imagination Key an all time classic.


The handle of the Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Imagination Key is painted in a solid white just like his feathers.


The base of the Imagination Key looks identical to Donald’s Duck blue shirt with yellow accents and his iconic red bow tie.

As the Donald Duck Key extends to the tip, it turns white with a blue Disney castle to finish the design.


Donald’s Duck 85th Anniversary Key was available to the first 100 guests who make a purchase in store, using the code, “Donald” at the register. What makes this Imagination Key special is that it was the 3rd Imagination Key released that was not a store opening ceremony key.  This makes this Imagination Key one of the oldest and it also had a very low production run.  This makes the Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Key highly desirable to any collector and it truly makes this limited edition key rare.

Disney Donald Duck 85th Anniversary - Vlog

Disney Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Key - Release